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Please print & include this form with your order .

Street Address




Phone number, including area code

E-mail address


If you are paying by Pay Pal and sending a jpg image for us to print here, please fill out, copy and paste this form into an e-mail and send to photocraft@photo-sculptures.com PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOUR DIGITAL IMAGE IS AT LEAST 200DPI AT THE SIZE YOU WANT IT TO BE PRINTED. TO BE SAFE, SEND THE HIGHEST RESOLUTION FILE YOU HAVE, OR SCAN AT 300 DPI IF YOU ARE SCANNING THE PHOTO. There is no need to send this form by snail mail in that case.

If you are sending a print, or paying by any other means than Pay Pal, please include this order form with your print or payment.

We accept personal checks, money orders or Pay Pal.
To use Pay Pal options, including credit cards, please click "Buy Now" button at bottom of page.

Please do not send cash or credit card numbers to us directly.

Please indicate the total amount enclosed including tax (if you are from Arizona) and shipping.

Except for Christmas and Mother's Day, orders are generally shipped by Priority Mail within a week of receipt. Please allow ten days inhouse during the holiday seasons, and be aware that Priority Mail shipping takes from 2-3 days.
Please send this order form with your photo(s) to:
PHOTOCRAFT / 4422 West Lupine Avenue / Glendale, AZ 85304


Please be sure to visit the Prices and Order Tips pages for detailed information!

Please use one form for each different kind of sculpture. If you are ordering more than one sculpture, but they are all the same, just use one form.
***Please note basic prices are based on prints supplied by you. If you need professional prints from Photocraft, please select that option. There is an additional charge if we supply the prints.*** We cannot reproduce professional studio photos - you must supply those prints or supply a release from the photography studio

Select item

If a Basic Shape was selected, indicate finished size (Alternate sizes that fall under each size category are shown on the Prices) page.
Please indicate any special effects or "add-ons"
Photocraft-supplied print - UP TO 8 x 10 ONLY - add $3.00
Additional subject added - $10.00 each
3D Pop-out (needing one print supplied by customer) add - $5.00
3D Pop-out (needing two prints supplied by customer) add - $10.00
3D Pop-out (needing one print supplied by Photocraft) add - $8.00
3D Pop-out (needing two prints supplied by Photocraft) add - $16.00
Business card holder added - $5.00
Calendar added - $5.00
Image Editing - Get a quote first
Clock added - $10.00
Background for clock if needed - $5.00
Custom message or stock graphic added - up to 10 words - $5.00. Includes the cost of the print.

Enter quantity
Please enter any custom messages, special requests or color choices here.
Please note: Bases are always done in black, but you may choose either black or white for the background material.

Total cost of items

Tax (AZ residents)= total x .093

We ship only within the U. S. - $8.00 for 1 sculpture any size,
plus $3.00 for each additional item, up to 6 items per package.
If you have more than 6 items, please figure the costs for each additional package.

Total amount of order (Total cost of items, tax and shipping)


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